Mornings Done Right: Healthy Snacks with Coffee

Mornings have always been my favorite time of day. When I’m at home, mornings are a special time with my kids, a bit slower paced than the rest of our days. And when I’m at the Cafe, it’s a time to connect with familiar faces and fill cups and plates with fuel for the day ahead. But no matter where I am, my mornings always include a cup of coffee and something delicious.

Max’s Bars were something I created as healthy snacks to pair with coffee. I wanted to add an option to my Cafe’s menu that was tasty, but heartier and more nutritious than some of our baked goods. I thought if I could create a snack that tasted like sweet and salty granola bars, I could satisfy my customers at the cafe, and also my kids at home.

Most importantly, I knew whatever I made had to taste good with coffee. To me my morning cup of coffee is as much about the ritual as it is the pick-me-up. And as a small business owner with two young kids, that first cup is usually not my last. By keeping healthy snacks to eat with coffee on-hand, I can make sure I’m always nourishing myself and my family, no matter how busy our day.

In addition to our original Cafe Bar (my personal favorite coffee pairing and the bar that started it all) and our Voyageur Bar (you can’t go wrong pairing coffee and dark chocolate), here are a few of my family’s other favorite snacks to enjoy with our coffee, whether it’s our first or fourth cup of the day.

Max’s Picks: Healthy Snacks with Coffee

  • Homemade energy bites: quick, easy and packed with high-energy foods

  • Whole grain muffins: I love making these in batches and freezing for breakfast in-a-pinch

  • Peanut butter-banana sandwiches: classic, crowd-pleasing, and they travel well

  • Trail mix: my kids love making their own mixes with just the right amount of chocolate)

I’d love to hear how you like to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, and what fuels you and your family. Drop a note in the comments below!

And remember: snacks should be good for you, and also just plain good.