Family-Friendly, Healthy Beach Snacks

With spring in our grasp and summer in our sights, you can find my family and me at the beach most weekends. In the spring we explore the shoreline and melting ice cover, and my kids enjoy swapping out their snow boots for puddle boots and getting as dirty as possible. Come summer, we hit the beach early and late in the day (sometimes both), soaking up the long hours of sunlight and every last ounce of the magic that is summer in Minnesota.

Family friendly healthy beach snacks

It’s not unheard of for us to head out on a short walk or bike ride and end up at the beach for hours. We’ve learned the hard way not to leave the house fully prepared for any adventure ahead – which includes a seemingly bottomless bag of snacks.

When packing healthy snacks for the beach, we stock up items that travel well, hold up to the heat, and can be easily eaten with sandy fingers. Of course we always have some Cafe Bars and Voyageur Bars on-hand, but here are some of our other favorite ways to keep our beach snacks healthy and our bellies full.

Max’s Picks: Healthy Beach Snacks

  • Pretzel sticks or whole grain crackers and baby carrots with hummus: the no double-dipping rule doesn’t apply at the beach, right?

  • Trail mix: we love to make our own mixes; we skip adding chocolate for our beach mix and focus on dried fruits, nuts and seeds

  • Popcorn mix: We mix in nuts and dried fruit and sprinkle with seasonings like paprika, cinnamon and nutmeg

  • Apples and single-serve nut butter packets: great for a quick energy boost

  • Yogurt and applesauce pouches: a quick, hydrating snack

  • Banana chips: all the banana flavor without the squish

Cheers to summer and endless days at the beach! And remember: snacks should be good for you, and also just plain good.

- Max