Simple ingredients you can see in every bite.


Whole Grains

Whole grain oats give our bars their just-right texture, as well as fiber and essential nutrients.


Nuts & Seeds

Dry roasted almonds, almond butter and sunflower seeds offer protein and a delightful crunch in every bite.


Natural Sweetness

Our bars get their sweetness naturally from dates, raisins and honey.


Made in Small Batches

We make our bars in small batches — cold formed and cut to size. Blending them (the way most bars are made) would be easier and cheaper, but we want our bars to have texture and flavor you can see, so we do it the hard way.


Ingredients You Can See

Our bars are like granola bars, but better. Packed with pieces of whole almonds and dates, they're slightly sweet, a little salty and always satisfying. We don't skimp and we don't take shortcuts. You can taste (and see) the difference.


Always Delicious

Any time you’re looking for something wholesome, filling and delicious, Max’s Bars are your feel–good go–to. Pro tip: two of our favorite ways to enjoy Max’s Bars are with a morning cup of coffee or broken apart and sprinkled on yogurt.




Max's Bars are very fresh. You can taste each ingredient and its individual flavor.


There's a homemade goodness to the bars that feels really natural.


These are refreshingly good. Some bars are bland, but these don't sacrifice flavor.


The texture is so unique. Some bars are stale, but Max's Bars always taste fresh.  


I like the texture, and that each bite is a little different, but consistent. It gives them a homemade feel.


Max’s Bars got their start at Max’s Café in downtown Minneapolis. Our founder Max wanted to create a bakery case-worthy snack that was as good looking as it was delicious. Armed with a food processor, cookie sheet and rolling pin, he set out to make the ultimate snack bar. What resulted was Max’s Bars: packed with simple ingredients, just the right texture, and undeniably delicious.


The bars became so popular at the café that Max started packaging some to sell at the register and on the café’s website. A few local shops around Minneapolis even picked them up. The momentum was building.

Then in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit the café hard. It was heartbreaking, but also provided Max with the time and determination to officially launch Max’s Bars out into the world. Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the wholesome goodness of our favorite bars.


At Max’s Bars, taste rules all. We never skimp or take shortcuts. We only feed you food that we would feed our family. And we always welcome everyone at our table.

We’re here to make snacking enjoyable, fulfilling and, most importantly, delicious. We believe snacks should be good for you, and also just plain good. As Max says, food that doesn’t taste good isn’t worth eating.


Food and family are at the center of all we do. Our founder Max grew up in a family of chefs, surrounded by good food and hospitality. He was brought up to believe food doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to be welcoming and delicious.


To this day, we’re a family business. Max’s mom collaborates on recipe ideas and his dad helps guide the business. His wife Sarah keeps him grounded and his two young sons are his biggest fans (and critics).